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Welcome to The Stories Blog! The mission of the Story Shop Studio is to support creative women with coaching opportunities, funded by the sale of small-batch, ethically made women's fashion. We are glad you are here!








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I am an artist. I am an artist coach. I am a writer. A mother. These things are core parts of my identity. But I also struggle with depression and anxiety. This time of year, as for many people, my struggle is heightened. And by this, I don’t mean that I just get a little down […]

Welcome to the first interview in our Artist Story Series. We recently had the opportunity to talk with friend and fine artist, Maggie Hubbard about her new body of work, which speaks to narrative, justice, and color in profound ways. Read more about Maggie’s work below. And check out her website, here. When did you […]

The REIFhaus collection was launched in 2012 by Lindsey Reif. The designs are inspired by contemporary lines, compelling details, and the Bauhaus movement of the 20th century. The clothing fuses elements of the past with modern silhouettes, resulting in a timeless wardrobe. REIFhaus is the statement piece you’ll want to wear everyday. REIFhaus is an […]

We are pleased to announce a new maker with the Story Shop this Autumn/Winter, Sunja Link. Sunja’s business is based in West Vancouver, BC. When you purchase product from Sunja Link, you are directly supporting Threadworks Production. Threadworks is a socially and environmentally conscious skill development program for people who are living with challenges to employment such […]

I often get statements along the lines of: “I am so passionate about (fill in the blank with the awesome thing you make/do/offer” but I have NO idea how to get the word out.” It is fairly typical for the artist personality to be paralyzed by the thought of marketing their work – or even […]

Before we launched our first line in May, we talked with Iriz Zou, editor and founder of Comeback Magazine, about our story. The interview is below. Follow Comeback Magazine on Instagram to learn more about this inspiring publication which exists to “help creatives get going (and keep going) on their goals, big and small.” Thanks, Iris!  […]

No matter what you imagine, create, facilitate, or craft; we all experience artist’s block, struggle with low motivation, or simply fail to understand our own capacities as creatives. There have been a handful of books that have made a tremendous difference in my own creative journey – from a number of different perspectives. Read about […]

Tell us a little bit about your sense of calling, and how your creative self coincides with this call? I love helping people. In fact if I loved everyone with grace, strength, kindness and compassion, I will have lived a full life. And that’s what I plan to do. Sometimes that means taking a homeless person out […]

Katie, one of our amazing models, is also a professor, artist, and an advocate for racial reconciliation. Read more from Katie below. Tell us a little bit about your sense of calling, and how your creative self coincides with this call? I am a professor at Seattle Pacific University and have also worked in ministry. […]

Lauren is an artist, advocate for refugees, and theologian. She also happens to be one of our amazing models. Learn more about Lauren below. Tell us a little bit about your sense of calling, and how your creative self coincides with this call? I feel called to view and embrace life as one big adventure—with […]