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Meet the Maker: REIFhaus

The REIFhaus collection was launched in 2012 by Lindsey Reif. The designs are inspired by contemporary lines, compelling details, and the Bauhaus movement of the 20th century.

The clothing fuses elements of the past with modern silhouettes, resulting in a timeless wardrobe. REIFhaus is the statement piece you’ll want to wear everyday.

REIFhaus is an independent fashion label. Each garment is sewn in the USA using thoughtfully chosen sustainable and natural fibers. By choosing to shop small independent labels, you are supporting slow fashion and will value your garment for  years to come.

‘Die zeit ist REIF’ (the time is ripe)

We are delighted to offer four of Lindsey’s designs in our Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Read more from Lindsey below.

  • Tell us about your business, and why you first started ReifHaus.

I started REIFhaus in 2012.  I had been sewing as a hobby and tinkering around with design for many years before that.  After college I found myself in a job that didn’t make me happy, so I decided it was time to explore pursuing my own line full time.  I knew that I wanted to fill the holes that existed in my own wardrobe, and to create garments that were timeless and sustainably manufactured.  It also was really important to me to design clothing that could be worn everyday, was easy to care for, and designed to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident.

  • What parts of your personal story inspired you to begin a sustainable clothing line?

Part of our mission of sustainability at REIFhaus revolves around our small batch, in house manufacturing.  We make each garment to order, which reduces unsold inventory at the end of each season.  REIFhaus is factory free, and every garment is made with care by our small sewing team from sustainable and natural textiles.

Over time this has evolved in to a key part of the brand, but I would say that it started partly as necessity!  One of the challenges to being a designer in Portland is that we don’t have access to all of the resources and infrastructure of fashion capitals like Los Angeles and New York.  As a result, I decided that in house manufacturing would be the best option.  Starting out, it was also crucial to our success because we didn’t have to try to meet factory minimums, which is another huge hurdle for small designers.

We literally do every step of the design process in our studio, from pattern drafting, grading (the industry term for sizing a pattern), sample sewing, and production.  This helps to reduce waste, as well as our carbon footprint!

  • What themes inspire your designs?

I’m very inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture and and furniture, particularly of the Bauhaus and Mid Century Modern eras.  I am also inspired by Japanese clothing designs, from the shapes and silhouettes of traditional pieces like kimonos to modern Japanese designers such as Issey Miyake and 90s era Comme des Garcons.

  • Who is on your team?

I am very selective when it comes to my sewing staff, and right now I have a small team of sewers that work with me in the studio.  Most of the day to day operations, including production management are done by me.  My partner, Evan Kinkel, is also a key part of the brand, he is responsible for the photography for our collections.

  • Finally, if you could offer one piece of encouragement to female entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Being a business owner can be isolating, but I think that surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs, especially in the same industry, is crucial.  It’s so valuable to know that there are others who are going through the same ups and downs you are, and while it may be easy to fall into comparing yourself to other business owners, we really are all on this crazy journey together.