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"Women who support other women are confident, generous, visionaries."

                                                Mariela Dabbah

Small batch, sustainable fashion. Equipping female creatives. 

The mission of the Story Shop Studio is to support creative women - artists, designers, musicians, and anyone with a vision and an ounce of savvy. Founded by an artist with a deep commitment to empowering other female makers, The Story Shop seeks to be more than a retail clothing shop. Each purchase in our tightly curated, ethically-made clothing line will support scholarships for creative or career coaching for a female artist. Women supporting women (not to mention we will look great doing it!)

Clothing and coaching may appear to be an unlikely combination, but not when you look closer. The Story Shop Studio curates a line of sustainable women's garments whose sale funds scholarships that support creative women. Our core values in this process are Story and Relationship. 

About us

In recent history, the garment industry has devalued the craftspeople that produce garments and has disregarded relationships with makers. In an effort to combat these dehumanizing practices, the Story Shop seeks to build relationships with craftspeople and makers who design and create our garments, ensuring that the pieces we curate are ethically and sustainably made.

sustainable fashion

The process of coaching artists and entrepreneurs is deeply relational - it is about sharing stories; about being known. Every woman with a creative dream has an important and unique story to tell - but nearly every artist struggles to tell her story well at some point or another - whether she is dealing with fear-related creative block; or whether she simply can't crack the social media code to market her work well. MORE

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Unfortunately, for many young artists and entrepreneurs, the cost of creative or career coaching makes this kind of support unattainable.

Our business model places an income-generator between the entrepreneur and the cost of coaching: small batch socially-conscious clothing. 20% of the sale of each garment goes into a scholarship fund for female entrepreneurs. So when artists and entrepreneurs apply for coaching with The Story Shop, we are able to offer the service entirely free of charge. 


How it works

For every five hours of funding we bank through profits from selling garments, we are able to offer a scholarship to a creative entrepreneur. Each scholarship recipient has the opportunity to choose between Creative Coaching or Career Coaching, in a package of five, hour-long sessions tailored to her business or creative needs. We also offer opportunities to purchase coaching packages. MORE

Hello! I'm Shannon. I started the Story Shop Studio in 2018 with a combined love of caring for artists, and of ethical fashion. I am a visual artist myself, with a research background examining the personality and spirituality of the creative mind. My greatest passion is to equip female artists and entrepreneurs with tools - both professional and personal - to tell their stories well. I adore the coaching process - especially getting to know and support so many creative women. I am honored to hear your stories. Won't you share?

shannon sigler

founder, curator

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"I benefit so much from coaching sessions with Shannon. She is so knowledgeable and I always feel positive and energized after speaking with her. I highly recommend having Shannon in your circle of advisors — without a doubt she will enhance your life." 

- Kimberly June Miller

author & therapist

speaker & author


"Shannon is the epitome of encouraging and equipping and her animated spirit makes learning *so* fun."

- Meggie Lee Calvin


- Meggie Lee Calvin

"While Shannon was very encouraging and empathetic (as she knows the heart of the artist and entrepreneur very well), she also did not hold back from pushing me further. I will forever appreciate her high standards as a coach, and she gets 90% of the credit for enhancing how I tell my own story through my brand and marketing."

speaker & author

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Creative Coaching
Creative Coaching seeks to equip artists with tools to overcome common challenges in their creative lives. We will examine themes of fear, imposter syndrome, psychological blocks, and maintaining a disciplined and fruitful practice.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching seeks to empower artists to also become entrepreneurs. We will help you build a brand, a marketing plan, and consult on technology and social media development. You can be your greatest advocate!

Your story matters. Why not invest in telling it well? The story shop offers two types of coaching packages to help you share your narrative in meaningful and effective ways.


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If you are interested in applying for a coaching scholarship, please send us a note via our contact form below.

We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us via the contact form or via email at thestoryshopstudio@gmail.com

If you are interested in applying for a coaching scholarship, please fill out the form and tell us a bit about your story!


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